Nutrition Specialist

Dra. Marcia Pérez Quesada

Medical profile

  • Diploma in Bariatric Nutrition. April to October 2012.
  • Academic Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition.
  • Nutrition Degree. Saint Joseph University. San José Costa Rica 2001.
  • Nutrition Baccalaureate. Saint Joseph University. San José Costa Rica 1999.
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  • Nutritionist, Essential Balance at Hospital Hotel La Católica, Fumero Skin Center Since 2008 to date.
    – Clinical and Bariatric Nutritionist.

  • Nutritionist, Essential Balance at Hospital Clínica Bíblica. From 2008-2012
    – Clinical Nutritionist.

  • Nutritionist, Essential Balance for international patients, Medical Tours Costa Rica S.A From 2012 to date.
    – Provide nutritional consultation and assessment to international patients.

  • Nutritionist, Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy. El Cedral, San Rafael de Escazú. October to November 2016.
    – Provide nutritional consultation to company employees.

  • Manager and Nutritionist, Curves La Paz Gym. September 2005 to January 13, 2008.
    – Gym administration.
    – Perform anthropometric assessment and nutritional education for clients.
    – Supervise and control the work performed by the staff.
    – Ensure and provide adequate customer service.

  • Nutritionist, Ministry of Health. ECENDI (Nutrition and Child Development Center Teams) of Pérez Zeledón. January 2004 to August 2005.
    – Supervise and control the work carried out in the Nutrition Centers.
    – Conduct nutrition education activities.
    – Develop research projects.
    – Create meal plans for preschool population with malnutrition problems.
    – Design menus.

  • Nutritionist, Kellogg’s of Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica March-April 2003.
    – Participation in the promotional campaign of the weight reduction program called “The 15-day Challenge with Special K”.
    – Assistance in the evaluation and nutritional education of individuals interested in participating in the challenge at different locations.

  • Nutritionist, Mexico Hospital. San José, Costa Rica July 2001-October 2003.
    – Integral development in clinical, educational, and administrative areas.
    – Intervention in internal consultation through nutritional assessment of patients, evaluation and calculation of diets, and patient care and control.
    – Proactive participation in the Nutritional Support and Peripheral Vascular Unit team.
    – Responsible for the administration and planning of activities in the central and peripheral kitchen of the hospital. The role requires skill to coordinate and supervise assigned personnel in tasks such as diet preparation and food distribution.
    – Direction, planning, and coordination of seminars for staff training and educational talks for patients and family members.

  • Nutritionist Trainee, Mexico Hospital. San José, Costa Rica January-April 2001.
    – Execution of different activities carried out in the Nutrition area of the Hospital.
    – Preparation of “Diets Manual for Discharged Patients”.
    – Successful completion of the nutritional service provided to the assigned patient.

  • Nutritionist Trainee, National Children’s Hospital. San José, Costa Rica April 2001.
    – Collaboration in internal and external consultation activities such as nutritional assessment, diet prescription, and preparation of nutritional recommendations.
    – Project management and development of “Protocol for the Management of Patients with Acanthosis Nigricans” and others.

  • Nutritionist Trainee, Integrated Clinic of Tibás and CEN-CINAI. San José, Costa Rica 1999 – 2001.
    – Assistance in nutritional evaluation and education of officials and users.
    – Preparation and presentation of educational talks in different school institutions.
    – Management of projects and comprehensive workshops aimed at addressing nutritional problems and other social issues affecting different populations.
    – Planning and development of the “Food Handling” Seminar for personnel from different units of the CEN-CINAI.

  • Nutritionist Trainee, Sur Química de Costa Rica S.A. San José, Costa Rica 1998.
    – Diagnosis of the food service which allowed identifying the necessary areas of development to provide a better service to users.
    – Preparation of the “Cleaning Program for Food Services” project.

  • Multicultural Training in Bible Studies. Capernway Harbour, British Columbia, Canada. 2002.

  • Orphanage Social Work. Tijuana, Mexico. 2002.

  • Community Work in Construction. Mexicali, Mexico. 2002.

  • Social Work. Cuba. 1999.

  • Health Fair Volunteer. Various Communities in Costa Rica. 1998-2000.

Member of the College of Nutrition Professionals since 2010.

    • Obesity Symposium, updates in multidisciplinary obesity management. Mexico, May 2015.
    • Course: Treatment for patients with food addiction, San José, Costa Rica, March 2013.
    • 7th National Nutrition Congress, Nutrition: improving quality of life. San José, Costa Rica, 2010.
    • Talk on Smoking. ACDYN. San José, May 2009. Costa Rican Congress on Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (CLAO 2008). San José, Costa Rica, August 28-30, 2008.
    • Optimal Nutrition Seminar for the Elderly. San Jose, C.R., June 26, 2008.
    • “Sensitization Workshop on Physical Punishment, Educate without Hitting” Campaign, Pérez Zeledón. September 2004.
    • Update Symposium: Healthy Eating. San José, Costa Rica. August 2004.
    • I National Update Conference on Nutrition and Health. San José, Costa Rica. May 2003.
    • Nutritional Support Sessions. San José, Costa Rica. May 8, 15, 22, and 29, and June 12, 2003.
    • Seminar “Health with Probiotics” Dos Pinos. San José, Costa Rica. 2000.
    • Seminar “Comprehensive Care for the Elderly”. La Nación. San José, Costa Rica. 2000.
    • Seminar “Cleaning and Sanitization Program in food processing areas” SC Johnson de Centroamérica. San José, Costa Rica. 2000.
    • Course: Exercise Physiology applied to Nutrition. University of Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica. August-October 2002.


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